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Brand Consulting

IDEAS ASIA helps brands drive their business by creating positive impact in the world.

IDEAS ASIA's product is its' people and is comprised of the most accomplished and emerging icons. IDEAS ASIA works with brands and advertisers to help them create original content and influencer marketing campaigns to reach their global audiences, leveraging our unique insights and proprietary analytics platform.  
Elevating the role of entertainment and sports in the marketing mix, IDEAS ASIA provides brands with solutions that cultivate emotional connections with consumers and drive tangible business results. 
Entertainment Endorsements
IDEAS ASIA convene the world's most exciting talent and influential brands. From Oscar winners to emerging digital talent, IDEAS ASIA clients speak with authenticity and authority to global audiences. IDEAS ASIA helps established brands, startups, ad agencies, and other buyers find the right client for their message. IDEAS ASIA make sure that every opportunity, from traditional advertising to digital media, PR, and activations, enhances the client's personal brand. 

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